Shocker!! Chimamanda Adichie Take Buhari’s Administration to the Cleaners And This Happen


In her article for the New York Times, Adichie remembers when President Buhari came into power for the first time in the mid-80s and his economic policies had adverse effects on Nigerians.

Despite supporting President Buhari during the election period because of his message of change and the fear and respect he commanded, the famed author says the leader of the nation is falling below expectations.

Adichie faulted the President for wasting his time on picking his ministers and using economic policies that have led to hardship instead of improving the lives of Nigerians.

“He believes, rightly, that Nigeria needs to produce more of what it consumes, and he wants to spur local production. But local production cannot be willed into existence if the supporting infrastructure is absent, and banning goods has historically led not to local production but to a thriving shadow market” she wrote in The New York Times.

She also stated that the anti-corruption crusade of this administration has been partisan and not balanced.

The award-winning author also said that the President was slow in addressing the issue of the Fulani herdsmen who reportedly killed hundreds of people. “It would be unfair to blame Mr Buhari for these killings, which are in part a result of complex interactions between climate change and land use.

But leadership is as much about perception as it is about action, and Mr Buhari has appeared disengaged. It took him months, and much criticism from civil society, to finally issue a statement “condemning” the killings” noted the author.