EXPOSED!! Economic Recession Biting Harder on Nigerians as Citizens Rates Jonathan’s Prudent Management Far Better Than Buhari

Jonathan and Buhari

Nigerians say although ex-president Goodluck Jonathan handled the economy better than President Muhammadu Buhar is doing, he is largely responsible for the recession

GAIN’s poll showed that many Nigerians believe Buhari is doing what he can to rescue the economy but circumstances like low price of oil are affecting his policies

A new poll of what Nigerians think about how the economy has progressed in the last few years has seen Nigerians saluting ex-president Goodluck Jonathan ahead of President Muhammadu Buhari.

According to Premium Times, the poll by Governance Advancement Initiative for Nigeria (GAIN), the first since Nigeria fell into recession, showed that Nigerians believe Jonathan handled the economy much better than Buhari’s doing.

It reports that the Jonathan government received higher ratings on the economy, fostering of national unity, as well as the availability and affordability of food than Buhari. However, many people also believe that Jonathan is to blame for the current economic recession that Nigeria is going through.

“While 60% of Nigerians held the Buhari government partially or completely responsible for the recession, 74% believe that the Jonathan government is to blame,” GAIN report said.

It explained: “While nearly similar numbers (28% for PMB vs 25% for GEJ) believed both governments were partially to blame, more respondents (49% for GEJ vs 32% for PMB) believed that the Jonathan government was completely to blame for the recession.”

Coordinator of GAIN Malcolm Fabiiyi explained what the statistics meant thus: “Supporters and critics of the Buhari government can both take solace in these numbers.

“Those who argue that the profligacy of the Jonathan government led directly to Nigeria’s budgetary and economic crisis will take these results as vindication that Nigerians agree with their point of view.

“However, critics will argue that although the Buhari government was dealt a bad hand by coming in at a time of low oil prices and a depleted treasury, it is the policy decisions that have been made in the last year that have tipped Nigerian into recession.”

He concluded with a warning, saying: “However, we wish to sound a note of caution to the Buhari government – regardless of where blame lies, what is clear is that majority of Nigerians have been significantly impacted by the recession.

“The government will need to intensity its efforts to bring real solutions to the table in a number of key areas – economic growth & job creation, housing, education, roads & infrastructure and food.” Meanwhile, President Muhammadu Buhari on Saturday, October 22, said that the wasteful spending era is over in Nigeria.

This comes even as the president advised Nigerian universities to invest available resources into teaching, research and productive activities.