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Breaking: Careful Investigations Reveal Chidinma Okeke, Miss Anambra 2016 Was Dethroned Before Her S*X Video Was Leaked? What Does The Sponsors Know?


The Cucumber S*x tape was professionally done. Still wonders why the organizers are keeping quiet? Then read this …

A careful look shows the Cucumber S*x vi!deo was done for a purpose. But it is also observed that ABS released a shot video where Chidinma Okeke was dethroned as Miss Anambra on October 11, 2016, and the reason for dethroning her according to the video was that she had completed her tenure.

The video shows where Chidinma was invited into a room and her crown collected from her. But that’s not the best practices as beauty queens remain in their reign until another queen emerges and she will at the event remove her crown before the audience and wear it on her successor.

So why is Miss Anambra case different? Why was her crown collected at “the room”, without the emergence of her successor?

Miss Chidinma was dethroned before her Cucumber S*x vi!deo leaked?

The government of Anambra State should call for thorough investigation on this embarrassing moment as they are the sponsor of the programme that has just been messed up.

Why is ABS the sole proprietor of Miss Anambra Pageant Show quiet in the face of this outrageous scandal?
What do they know?
Credit: APGA[ interactive forum]