The truth must be unraveled.

Women activists must rise up now.

The people of Anambra state are not really taking the leaked s*x tape of miss Anambra 2015 Chidima Okeke lightly… Read the full  article and have your say…

My attention has been drawn to a disturbing video of a particular pageant queen that is gradually spreading across the internet. The said video which puts Anambra state in a bad light should vehemently be condemned as opposed to the sympathetic empathy it was generating in some quarters.

I, as a moral crusader and leader of Persons leaving with sickle cell disorder heavily frown at the rate of the oral decadence in our society, and how people out of friendship and other affiliations stand to defend evil using all manner of tactics and media strategies.

It was quite appalling and grossly dehumanizing that people instead of condemning the act portrayed in the video, took to their walls to defend and stand with the culprits, possibly because they share some friendship status or are even paid to do so.

The video did not just portray a leaked pri!vate scene, but in all entirety portrayed a crime scene, as the crime shown in the video does not only violates the morals of nature, but also the laws of the federal republic of Nigeria, and has a punishment to the offence.miss-anambra-scandal

As much as I do not propose for further punishment of the victims, as the disgrace and stigma of the leaked video is already a strong punishment enough the rid them off the illicit behaviours, I, however posit that the act be condemned and necessary rehabilitation offered to the victims, and not the inhumane sympathy being meted on them.

I also read an article credited to one of the girls, where she disclaimed of being in the video, but rather blamed her conspicuous presence on photoshop, and promises to sue the producers of the video.

It is just highly laughable that the least of damage control strategy she could think of or was advised to do is to deny a bare fact, as one may wonder what version of the photoshop software can perfectly manipulate such visuals we saw on the internet.

Her denial even calls for more questioning, since she believes she is being blackmailed, I urge her to take the case to court or relevant authorities, to fish out the perpetrators of such act, and if she can’t take the case of blackmail to court as she mentioned in her press release, we, moral crusaders who feel traumatized by the incident would take up the challenge to find the truth and bring the facts to the court of law.

Of course, if she believes she is being blackmailed she should present her evidences in court and prove her innocence.

This leaked video is not only a slap to women in the country, but a sheer disgrace to mothers who were totally shocked to find such videos on the internet. It is quite disheartening that such video would be coming when the women folks are struggling hard to be emancipated from the claws of men, because it makes one wonder the essence of the struggle if this is what the society would benefit even from the high placed individuals, as Pageant queens.

However, as a government parastatal and office that is rested with such functions of overseeing women activities in the state, one is confused as to why the State Ministry of Women Affairs have not issued any statement regarding the disturbing video.

Does their silence have anything to do with the fact that they do not know what to say or don’t understand their work, or does it justify the rumours being peddled in some quarters that the pageant business have thrived in the state through the mortgaging of the girls to wanton politicians, and all these happening under the watch of the Ministry.

One would expect that by now, an official statement and possible investigation would have been issued and opened on the incident to verify the level of damage and to find out if actually there is truth in the claims of the girl who is not just a pageant queen but “Miss Anambra”.

We, at Centre for Moral Mentorship advise the State Government to issue an official statement regarding the incident through the right channels within 48 hours, and in the case of their failure to heed to the candid advice, we shall have no other reason to not challenge them in Court and start a loud campaign against the perpetuated act, as the office which was desecrated fully represents Anambra State and we can’t let the state be dragged in the mud just like that.

However, I advise all media handlers to desist from the hypocritical act of supporting evil under the pretence that all men are evil, if actually we support Miss Anambra for being in the tape because we all have bad sides then there would not be any need to have prisons, as there would be no need to convict criminals since we all have atom of crimes in us.

We should all be praying to God for the forgiveness of her and her partner that is even when she admits the crime.
The leaked video is not just a pr!ivate scene but a crime scene. The likes of Oby Ezekwesili championing a noble cause in the country has never been appreciated, but we are here throwing our unalloyed support to evil on full glare.

I stand with Aisha Edward on this press release.