Now Watch The Second Full Version Of Miss Anambra 2015 Leaked S*X Tape, See What People In Awka Are Saying

Last week, a l!es .bian s*x Video of current Miss Anambra  circulated online. The girls were identified as Okeke Chidinma, and her PA and friend, Adaobi Nzekwe.

The video showed the lady identified as Ada, using a cucumber as a s*x toy on her principal identified as Chidinma Okeke.
However, Chidinma Okeke went on Instagram to denial that she was not the one in the video and that the clip was photoshopped. She also said the coverage was done by people who are out to blackmail and tarnish her image publicly.

Fans and the general public are not convinced that she is not the one in the video. People refuse to accept video was photoshopped which means she’s insulting their level of intelligence. Her statement led her fans to leave hateful comments on her Instagram post.

The release of her statement led to the release of another video showing her face from the front view. Some fans saw this coming thereby urging her not to lie again, but delete her statement since they are certain that she’s the one in the video.
The blackmailer has not really been identified, but is believed to be someone very close to her.
. Okeke Chidinma whose Instagram pictures were public has decided to keep it pr! ivate.

This is an act of online bullying and the blackmailer is believed to have done this for money. Who knows next to expect? Little investigation around Awka Anambra state this evening by Newsflashngr crew reveals that Chidinma Okeke has been paying heavily for this leaked video since 2014 long even before she won Miss Anamabra 2015 but the leakers still would not let her be and forget about going public with this video