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It seems the ‘war’ between the daughter of Victor Omololu Olunloyo – a former governor of Oyo State, Kemi Olunloyo and Nigerian actress and singer, Dayo Amusa, has not ended.

After the duo set the social media agog in June, Ms. Olunloyo has again, called out the actress, insisting she is a pr*stitute for promoting n*dity on the social media.

The actress, on her Instagram page @dayoamusa, posted a picture and wrote: Can’t Satan just be humble and apologize to GOD and let’s everybody go back to garden of Eden N*ked !!! Abi kila muwa gangan na?”

But the snitch lady, in a chat with DAILY POST, accused Amusa of using religion to fuel n*dity.

She said, “The level of promiscuity in Nigeria has reached damaging heights and all means to stop it will be beneficial to society.

“Nigeria’s pr*stitution rate coupled with call (Runs) girls and male pr*stitutes are damaging our society as a whole.
“Dayo Amusa adds fuel to fire by posting on Twitter and Instagram that ‘Satan should actually swallow his pride and apologize to God so that we can all go back n*ked again.’

“Not only has her irresponsible statement insulted religion but has also promoted n*dity and promiscuity.
“To make things worse, her fans attacked me on many blogs calling me demeaning names, asking me to swallow poison and commit suicide and the very same fans praising her on her page, some even asking her to strip n*ked now rather than wait for the devil’s apology.

“Dumb illiterate Nigerians who have no concept of intelligence,” she blasted.
“Amusa’s fans are mostly Yorubas raised in a poor background and underprivileged beggars who suck up to a star robbing them of their intelligence.

“Amusa has been accused by me in 2016 investigative reports of infidelity and pr*stitution after sleeping with an Omo Onile Ikorodu thug Sir K. Oluwo (Kamorudeen Lamina) in exchange for sponsorship to Mecca and a million Naira.

“She has also been known to have a s*xual relationship with a married Lagos INEC boss and also snatching another actresses Sikirat Sindodo’s man at one point.

“She has NEVER denied all those allegations. Amusa should be mentoring young ladies on positivity and building themselves as reputable brands rather than steering them to n*dity.amusa1

“With the Miss Anambra s*x tape controversy gripping Nigeria currently and the improper religious activities going on in some churches with pastors raping women and children as read in daily newspapers, Amusa used poor judgement in reversing an entire bible chapter.

“It is like preaching to social media fans that Sodom and Gomorrah should not have been burned down so that we can all be [email protected] and!bi.ans, something that would quickly anger homophobic Nigerians.

“Nigerians have double standards, talk with both sides of their mouths and a public figure should not be the one promoting such perversion.

“Amusa should keep her n*dity preaching to her bedroom and her numerous s*x partners and not to the youth in Nigeria,” Madam KOO added.