FINALLY! Trumps Deletes Threat To Deport Nigerians And Muslims In America But Still Will Deal Decisively With Islamic Terrors Around The World


United States of Ameica’s President-elect Donald Trump has deleted threats to deport Nigerians as well as Muslims and Mexicans from his campaign website.

Trump had reportedly threatened to kick Africans, especially Nigerians, Muslims and Mexicans out of the United States because they were taking jobs meant for Americans.

The said post was made on December 7, 2015 on his website. However, checks by New Telegraph on his website,, on Thursday indicated that it had been removed. He was quoted as having issued the threat against Nigerians at a rally in Wichita, Kansas where he called Nigerians ‘corrupt.’

He had said: “To Make America great again, we need to get rid of the Muslims, Mexicans and the Africans, especially the Nigerians. They take all our jobs, jobs meant for honest hard working Americans, and when we don’t give them the jobs, the Muslims blow us up. “We need to get the Africans out.

Not the blacks, the Africans. Especially the Nigerians. They’re everywhere. I went for a rally in Alaska and met just one African in the entire state. Where was he from? Nigeria! He’s in Alaska taking our jobs. They’re in Houston taking our jobs. Why can’t they stay in their own country? Why? I’ll tell you why. Because they are corrupt.

“Their governments are so corrupt, they rob the people blind and bring it all here to spend. And their people run away and come down here and take our jobs! We can’t have that! If I become president, we’ll send them all home. We’ll build a wall at the Atlantic Shore. Then maybe we’ll re-colonize them because obviously they did not learn a damn thing from the British!”