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Public announcement!!!

I FELIX ANAEROBI a native of ISIOKWE ORANJA OMOR in AYAMELUM L.G.A ANAMBRA STATE; I arrested notorious kidnapers Anayo and gangs, Opi and gangs OCHA obonkpa and gangs, a lot of war weapons was recovered from these 3 gangs of kidnapers.

Most grateful was that, Anambra and Delta State Governments rewarded me with millions of Naira which was given to G.U.O Okeke Motors Nig. LTD. To give me, and G.U.O Okeke motors Nig. LTD. Chairman Promise to use the reward money to build house, home and abroad for me, later he told me to go to Chinenye Iheakor, (A.k.A Okponpi) security Main market, Onitsha, who G.U.O Okeke said he gave the money that was meant for me. I went to him; he told me he has not received any money from GUO Okeke Motors Boss.

Today Chief G.U.O has ran to America for hiding while OKponpi is looking for me everywhere to kill me, as he boasted on 8th September, 2016 at about 10 to 11 am morning hours, any doubter should go to MTN for print out.

All am asking for is your support to bring these people to book and also to pay me the money that was due to me. I leave with you my contact details, my photo and also attached a copy of my plea for any clarifications.the-slander

Please my good people of the world save my soul before is too late

Thanks my fellow citizens of the world.

My contact details remains