DON’T GET IT TWISTED: Uzor Kalu Did Not Join APC, Rather APC Joined Kalu’s Moving Train


Get it! Uzor kalu didn’t join APC, APC rather joined orjis media houses, as tinubu shuts his media chain shop to them.

Buhari by now, surely still can’t believe that sections of Nigeria actually were made to believe that there were no trains, that #67 per litre petrol was bad, that the economy was bad, that everything under Jonathan was bad.

Buhari recognises the power of the media to shape agenda and useless people’s minds. So, he understands that tinubus prowess is embedded in strong media ownership/ control.

so, as he started his war with tinubu (which isn’t necessary, because Niger delta oil & aso rock-the enjoyment palace, is big enough for them both) he realised that Jonathan was felled partly because of his lack of media outlets. Murray Bruce operates entertainment media, not news& politics.

So the war with tinubu, which I previously thought will be fixed before 2019, but which beneficial daura/ kaduna boys, have now ensured will NEVER be fixed, has dictated that buhari start shopping for media outlets, so he won’t be Jonathaned.

This influenced the frantic efforts to bring back zuckerberg from Kenya to aso rock.
This led to appointing John momoh, owner of channels TV as a DG.

Orji uzor kalu on his part, while a governor, understood the importance of media as he battled obasanjo to be Atikus VeePee, while obasanjo had eye on indefinite tenure.

Where it not for his SUN newspaper, he wouldn’t have had a voice in that fight. So, he has since stretched his media empire to include TELEGRAPH. Orji painstakingly built and modelled his dailies to be likeable (UK styled).

So, Buhari having lost tinubu and his legion of news outlets, needed replacements, and his people’s searchlight beamed on Orji’s papers.

Buhari has always maintained he won’t probe obasanjos era, but EFCC throws up 107 obasanjo-era charges against Orji the big thief, and Orji panicked into the fold of the Saints (APC). He’ll be wishing he was quick enough, for justice abang would have dashed him the senatorial seat he dragged and lost in courts.

So, let’s understand Orji Kalu’s dilemma. He didn’t join APC, APC joined his media houses.
Orji, like other thieves, don’t want his fellow thief to drag him around.

By Sam