Beauty Queen, Sylvia Nduka Sparks Pregnancy Rumour


One of the most talked about former beauty queens in Nigeria, 26-year-old Sylvia Nduka, was thrust into the limelight when she won the Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria pageant in 2011.

The last of five children and an indigene of Anambra State, Nduka has maintained an unpredictable presence on the social scene. Friends with other former beauty queens including   Ene Lawani, Sandra Okagbue,  and Sophie Gemal to name a few, Sylvia’s jet-set  lifestyle cannot be ignored.

Last year, she was romantically linked to a northern-born billionaire businessman, who many assume is supposedly responsible for the riches she frequently flaunts.  Although she has yet to deny or confirm the speculation, she has not ceased to live big.

A few days ago, the leggy beauty caused many people to speculate that she is expectant. This was after she was seen sporting a rounded stomach in a picture she posted on social media.

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