OH LORD!!! Million’s Are Gathering To Watch As ‘Holy Water’ Seeps Out Of Jesus Christ’s Statue

jesusChristian pilgrims have reportedly flocked to an Indian village to collect ‘holy water’ that was seeping from a statue of Jesus Christ. Police had to be called to maintain decorum as millions of excited believers gathered at the scene.
According to reports, the small statue of the crucifixion of Jesus Christ in the Indian village of Kharodi, near Mumbai, started weeping. The pilgrims began to use containers to collect the liquid as they believe it has healing power and religious significance.jesus-2

Words soon spread and people travelled miles to witness this Jesus statue.

One of the residents of the nearby village, Greg Periera, disclosed that many people walked for days to reach the site.
He added: “The pictures and videos of the statue soon went viral as devotees from Andheri and Bandra rushed to the spot to check for themselves. “We also saw people from far-off suburbs collecting holy water from the feet.”