Checkout Incredible Love Stories Of NYSC Corp Members That Will Make You Believe In Romance Again (Photos)

A couple who met during NYSC have shared their love story which has been touching hearts all over the internet.

nysc-1Yemmy and her husband-to-be met during their NYSC service year. Two people who met during NYSC are getting married in November. The NYSC is the National Youth Service Corps which is compulsory for graduates for a year before they find permanent work.

The man calls himself the optimist on Instagram and his bride-to-be is Yemmy. He posted their photos with very emotional captions that will touch you.

nysc-2                                          The man revealed he stole the girl from her previous boyfriend.

He said: “Under the sun and in the rain we found love, with dedication and selflessness we live forever. When corper marry corper dem go born better.”

“God bless the day I met you and also the day I said to you confidently that I was gonna snatch you away from your boyfriend, little did I know that she was just there waiting for me. Yo, it’s a few days and you gonna be mine forever.”

nysc-3                                                                 The couple look so happy together

He added: “She didn’t belong anywhere and she didn’t belong to anyone. And everyone else belonged somewhere and to someone. People thought she was too wonderful

“But she only wanted to belong to someone. People always thought she was too wonderful to belong to them or that something too wonderful would hurt too much to lose. And that’s why she loves me because I didn’t question our friendship till the day she said yes.”

nysc-4                        The NYSC service year is proving to be a great time to meet your soul mate.

Congrats to the happy couple!

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