This is the battle of figure 8 queens
This is the battle between Manchester and  Arsenal fans
Now my question is: For the love of Nollywood,  Who Will Win In The Battle Of The Killer Body ?
If you are online let’s catch the fun together…
Watch the pictures before you comment.

Mercy Johnson Or Daniella ?

Nollywood is filled with different personalities and individuals. The females are blessed with beauty, hot bodies and are talented. Two of the hottest actresses that grace our TV screens are Mercy Johnson and Daniella Okeke. These two can be reffered to their royal se*iness just because in curves department, they are among the curviest of them all. Mercy Johnson is a 32-year-old Nollywood actress. She began her acting career in 2004 and has featured in over 50 movies since she started. Daniella Okeke is a screen goddess who after appearing in the movie “Lagos Cougars” got nominated for a prestigious award. The actress who just started stepped in lime light has been making waves especially with her backside.

You decide who wins the battle as the se*iest Nollywood actress. This is the battle of figure 8: Mercy Johnson vs Daniella Okeke.

1. Figure 8

m-1Mercy looking se*y in lace dress

Mercy Johnson’s body is that type of body you see in cartoon female characters; hot and enticing.

2. Curves

d-1Daniella in lovely body con dress

Just see how the dress clings to her backyard. The lady is blessed from behind.

3. Poser

m-1Have mercy on the yoga pa*ts girl.

A red dress never looked hotter.

4. Casala

d-1Daniella flaunting the band wagon

5. Hot and dreamy

m-1Looking so hot and pretty
Give them Mercy! Give them.

6. Sequence fever

d-1Daniella in sequence dress
Daniella rocking that little black dress like a h*t woman.

7. Carriagem-1Mercy is the epitome of endowment.

8. Ukwu

d-1Daniella for the man them
Daniella is destroying this dress with all that hotness.