Madness! Couple Caught Having S*x In Front Of A 6-Year-Old Boy (PHOTOS)

c1A couple from Connecticut, USA, has shocked people with their unseemly behaviour after being caught having passionate s*x in front of a child. The couple, Kimberly Onorato and Rory Clark were arrested after they were caught ‘doing the do’ in a parked car with a 6-year-old boy in the backseat outside a McDonald’s.

DailymailUK reports that a press release from the Town of Orange Police Department, shows that the incident took place just before 9.40pm on November 15 outside the fast-foot eatery at 57 Boston Post Road in Orange. Two McDonald’s employees were leaving the restaurant at the end of their shifts when they spotted two people engaged in sexual activity in the front seats of a car sitting in the parking lot. They say the small boy was in the back seat, awake and alert, ‘watching’ what the adults were doing in front of him.

When police officers got to the scene, they found 28-year-old Kimberly Onorato partially undressed. But during interrogation, Onorato and her male companion, 27-year-old Rory Clark, claimed they had only been ‘cuddling’ after having dinner at the eatery earlier.

c1                      The couple was caught having sex here

They were however charged with second-degree impairing morals of a minor and breach of peace. The six-year-old boy was turned over to a relative and police also notified the Department of Children and Families about the incident. No one knows the relationship of the child to the couple yet.