Tiwa And Tee Billz – From Love To Final Breakup In Heart Wrenching Photos

t-1                          Tiwa and Teebillz on their wedding day

Though Tiwa Savage and Tee Billz’s marriage might be going through some trying time now, their traditional wedding is three years already. and in anticipation of their coming back together. In anticipation of their coming back together to serenade the entertainment industry with their love story again, newsflashngr.com  celebrates their love again. Read more  and watch more 10 love-up photos of Tiwa, Tee Billz that might bring them back… Must Read.
1. Their traditional wedding day was fun.


2. All kiss as Tee Billz proposed to Tiwa


3. They cannot get enough of each other even at social gatherings.

t-1                             File photo of Tee Billz and wife Tiwa Savage

4. They have the most love-telling pose in showbiz.

t-1                                Tiwa Savage and Tee Bill

5. And Tee Billz can’t help but shower her with some cool cash.

t-1                          Tee Billz and Tiwa on the dance floor

6. They were so cool together no be lie.

t-1            Tiwa Savage and Tunji Balogun during the good times

7. And together they looked into a brighter future.


8. Tee Billz was a dutiful husband tending to his beautiful wife after their arrival of their son Jamil.

t-1          Tee Billz cooking for Tiwa just after the delivery of son Jamil

9. And the family seems perfect here.


10. Prayer is all they need from us all to bring them back together.

t-1                       Tiwa and Tee Billz receiving marriage blessing