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UNBELIEVABLE: Man Mistakenly Drops His Iphone 4 In A Lake, Another Man Finds It 1 Year After & It Still Works!

When Michael Guntrum lost his iPhone 4 more than one year ago while ice fishing in Pennsylvania, he never thought he could ever get it back, but little did he know that he would be reunited with his precious device a year after.lost1

Luck, worked in his favour when the lake that swallowed up his phone was drained, giving mechanical engineer and self acclaimed ‘treasure hunter’ Daniel Kalgram the opportunity to find it.

His metal detector proved extremely useful when it helped locate the phone under six inches of mud. Daniel took it home, cleaned it, then kept it in a bag of rice. lost

He then went ahead to charge it for two days before the phone came up. Michael was then contacted after the phone was turned back on, and the phone was sent to him. Apart from that happy ending, here’s a fun fact – the iPhone 4 device is not water resistant. It was probably the phone case that saved the life of the gadget.