HEARTBREAKING PHOTO: Woman Murders Her Own Baby, Claims Child Was A Devil

killA six week-old baby has been killed by her mother – The mother in question, a Senegalese, says she heard voices telling her the child was a devil – The 26-year-old mother is said to be mentally ill and would have to remain in psychiatric home.  A court has heard how a mother killed her six-week-old baby because she thought it was a ‘devil’.

A 26-year-old Senegalese mother has killed her six-week-old baby, claiming she heard voices tell her the baby is a devil. The woman whose name has been withheld for legal reasons, moved from Senegal, Africa to Wallsend, Newcastle last year with her elder daughter to reunite with her husband, Fairfax Media reported. The mother suffered from a rare mental illness known as Capgras delusion, which caused her to slit her child’s throat last July.

The father found his wife and the baby on a bloodied mattress. The mother had told forensic psychiatrist Richard Furst that in the weeks after the birth she became anxious and depressed. ‘Weird voices’ called her and she came to believe her child was ‘not my baby, something else I was holding and had to deal with,’ she said. ‘It was quite scary. More like a devil thing I was holding.’ But a court found in September that she did not suffer from the disorder during her pregnancy or the weeks following the birth. Two days before the incident, she told her husband that she was unhappy but refused to see a doctor.