BREAKING: Court Dissolve 15-Year-Old Marriage in Osun as Wife Said Her Husband’s Half Salary Can No Longer Maintain a Family

Woman Begs Court To Divorce Her Marriage, Accuses Husband Of Bedwetting

A Customary Court in Iwara-Ijesa, Osun State, Nigeria, has dissolved a 15 year old marriage, as Mrs Oluitan Folashade, had approached the court for divorce, saying her husband, Oluitan Abraham Adelusi’s half salary from his employment with the Osun state government own Institution has affected his ability to meet his financial obligation as the head of the ‎family.

She appealed to the Court To dissolve her marriage. Mrs Oluitan Folashade alleged that there have been frequent fighting and lack of care on the part of her husband, urging the court to separate them.

She added that her husband had been staying with his first wife, neglecting her and their 13 and nine years old children.

When Adelusi was asked if he would agree to the divorce, he explained that he had been discharging his duty until 2015 when the government started paying half salary.

Adelusi, who said he was a Senior Registrar in one of the Osun state tertiary institutions, told the court that he had never attempted to beat his wife since they met in the last 15 years.

He, however, urged the court to separate them, noting that his wife was obviously tired of the marriage.

The President of the court, O. K. Sulaeman, asked Adelusi if he still loved his children and how much he would afford to give them.

However, Adelusi agreed to be paying 10,000 Naira every month till the economy is buoyant and the government begins payment of full salary..

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