Niger Delta Group Demands Immediate Dialogue With Oil Companies, Gives Hard Conditions (See Full List)


The Oro Freedom Fighters, one of the groups operating in the oil-rich Niger Delta region, writes an open letter to the concerned operators. The militants said that they are for dialogue as their people are suffering.

The group gives a list of companies, who must be included into the talks.

We the Oro Freedom fighters have come to the awareness of what your services have caused our dear Oro nation and we are writing for an immediate dialogue and vital negotiation about arresting the alarming rate of unemployment the Oronians are facing while you are still operating and drilling oils in our River.

We use this medium to give you people an ultimatum of two weeks to call for a meeting with the Oro Freedom Fighters effective 01-12-2016 to 01-01-2017.

On failure to response to this call, the consequence will be very regrettable.
All the managing directors, chairman and CEOs of the under listed operators are to be present at the meeting.

1. Exxon Mobil Producing (Nig) unlimited,
2. Addax Petroleum Development Nigeria Ltd,
3. Oriental Energy Resource Limited,
4. Total E and P, Petrostuff Nigeria Limited,
5. Expo-Tech Nigeria Limited,
6. Moni-Pulo Nigeria Ltd
7. Gulf Agency Company (Gac)
8. Smith Lamnalco Nig Ltd,
9. Yinson/Fred Olsen Production,
10. Centrica Resources Nigeria Limited,
11. Universal Energy Resources Limited,
12. Afem Equity Resources, 13. Xixco Oil Nigeria Limited,
14. Denium Energy Nig Ltd,
15. Sinopec Nigeria Ltd

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