Fatima Abacha Blast Nigerians – Stop Attacking Our Family For The Sins Of Gen. Sani Abacha Or Else… [Must Read]

One of the daughters of the former military president of Nigeria, Sani Abacha – Fatima Gumsu, has opened up on the pains of being attacked for her father’s sins.

On an Instagram post, @G_sparking, Gumsu revealed that dealing with what Nigerians say about her family has not been easy.

She made this known after a user, @dapoprince said a prayer about citizens not to continue to visit the sins of past leaders on their children on twitter.

He wrote: “NIGERIA will be 57 next year, may we not continue to visit the sins of our past “perceived bad” leaders on their innocent” children.

Reacting to the prayer, Gumsu said, “Amin to your prayers. May Allah open special doors for you. Happy New Year.

“It definitely has not been easy dealing with this for almost two decades.
“Our family has been called all sorts of names.

“We have been under so much attack. It definitely doesn’t feel nice.

“I used to cry so much at the beginning, I had no choice but to develop crocodile skin.
“It still hurts so much even though I have learned to live with it.

“I was not the head of state.

“I did not receive a monthly salary neither did I choose to be Fatima Gumsu Sani Abacha.
“May Almighty Allah make it easy for us all. Happy 2017.”

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  1. Fatima Abacha is right but should go no further beyond just asking Nigerians for this understanding. I can understand the burden on the family which Abacha holocust inflicted on the psyche and physic of Nigerians comparable only to the cruelty of Adolf Hitler ,, Crownwel and Mussoulleni of Germany, Great Britain and Italy respectively did to the nation’s of the world at different periods of our history. The world has not forgiven those scoundrels and their families and their allies are still under close watch today. Some are being hunted for prosecution. I had opportunity to visit Liverpool Museum in UK, September 2015 . I saw how Nigeria and Africa was plundered, looted and impoverished by British Royal Forces by killing the local ill equipped Protection African forces, carted away their Artifacts, Bronze, Copper, Gold, Ivory etc, made wealth and developed their country and their people. For 41/2 hours I was unable to hold myself back. I took on the curator guide who was sympathetic to my anxiety and burning desire for vengeance. It is not easy to forget the inhumanity of man to his people. Since Nigerians are not asking for vengeance Fatima of Abacha dynasty should remain silent under.

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