Sule Lamido Former Jigawa Gov, Confident Of Becoming Nigeria’s 2019 President

Sule Lamido
Former Jigawa state governor Sule Lamido has declared that only God can stop him from replacing President Buhari if he decides to run in 2019 general elections

He alleged that those in position of authority are persecuting him because of his ambition
He however urged leaders to understand that there are consequences for tyranny, abuse of human dignity and impunity

Sule Lamido, a former Jigawa State Governor, has declared that only God can stop him from replacing President Muhammadu Buhari if he decides to contest against him for the presidency in 2019 general election.

According to The sun, Sule Lamido made this assertion on Sunday, January 1, after policemen were reportedly sent to stop the rally organized at Bamaina village of Birnin Kudu by youths in the area to urge him contest in 2019.

Lamido said:

“The desperation by those in authorities of power today must know that the same God that have made Balewa, Ironsi, Gowon, Murtala, Shagari, Buhari, Babangida and Jonathan Presidents could do the same for me if Allah so wishes,.

“All this coercion and intimidation was because of my aspiration and I must tell them that no matter what, if Allah has destined that I will be President, they cannot stop me or deter me because that will amount to fighting against the wish of God.

“Leaders should beware of the consequences that followed tyranny, impunity and abuse of human dignity.
Lamido added: “I am their father and they are coming to greet me and you are saying they have to ask for permit, permit for what?

“All over this country I’ve never heard of a mutual gathering that requires one to ask for permit, even on Saturday, we were in Sokoto for a wedding where thousands of people attended or even naming ceremonies where hundreds attend, have you asked them to show their permit?, but because it’s Sule Lamido, whoever that is coming to see me must acquire a permit to do so”.

In his response to the youths, he said: “If your prayers for me to be the President of this country is the wish of Allah, let it be, for Allah is the One that made others like Jonathan, Tafawa Balewa, Obasanjo.”

Meanwhile, Lamido has reiterated that the PDP remains the party about and for the people of Nigeria, stressing that it will always be beyond any personality.

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