OMG!! See The Disturbing Images Of ISIS Using A Child To Execute Prisoner That Has Gone Viral {Photos}

The Islamic State of Iraq and Syria group, popularly known as ISIS, has strategized a new method of killing prisoners by using a toddler to carry out the execution in Syria.

Sickening photos of the act which have emerged, show the child walk towards the Kurdish prisoner who was tied to a fence by his wrists, he then shoots the prisoner dead in a ball pit in eastern Syria.

The group, which has been designated as a terrorist organization by the United Nations and other groups, is popularly known for their gruesome ways of carrying out its executions and has come under heavy criticism over the latest development.

ISIS, on several occasions, has sent out disturbing images of beheaded journalists, aid workers, and individuals who have been executed in Syria.

Screenshots of the pictures were published on the Twitter account, @Raqqa_SL, with the caption: “new #ISIS propaganda, make small children Slaughter And execute people #syria #ISIL”

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