Olisa Agbakoba – Restructuring Not Solutions To Nigeria’s Many Problems Now, See The Only Solution He Proffers Here

Olisa Agbakoba – Problems Of Nigeria Cannot Be Solved Through Restructuring, See The Only Solution He Proffers Here

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Olisa Agbakoba noted that the word ‘restructuring’ was first used by civil societies in 1979, and throughout the decades since it was uttered, Nigeris has been going downhill

The Senior Advocate of Nigeria likened Nigeria to a troubled marriage as he stressed that its deep-seated problems cannot be solved by restructuring

Agbakoba stressed that a serious discussion must be held about the way forward for the nation; restructuring or not Olisa Agbakoba, SAN, has stated that Nigeria does not need a restructuring of the country to end all of its numerous challenges.

In an interview with Punch, the former NBA boss described the various calls for restructuring as being ‘politically motivated’. According to Agbakoba, the politicians who are calling for a restructuring of the country are harboring political ambitions towards the 2019 elections.

He stated: “Politicians cannot sit down in one place and discuss solely in their interest to promote something that is fashionable. “They have started to bandy around the word ‘restructure.’ “Civil societies first used the word ‘restructure’ in 1979.

But all through the decades, we have been going downhill. “Suddenly, it has become fashionable now to talk about restructuring to gain power because, like it or not, Nigeria is completely fractured. “You have the possibility of the All Progressives Congress not remaining in power in 2019; you have the People’s Democratic Party that is almost dead.”


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