You Normally Have S3x In The Dream? See What It Really Means {Must See}

Many people have been disturbed when they cannot find answers or meaning to their dreams, most especially s*x dreams.

Panic no more, Streetmingles has all the answers as relationships expert, psychologist and author Marianne Vicelich, reveals a lot in his new book, Love Spells, which shed some light on the exciting, dangerous and downright bizarre s*x dreams you may have encountered.

S*x with an ex

If you are dreaming of having s*x with your ex this could imply unresolved issues, you may be missing the intimacy that you previously had with that partner or you could be missing the s*xual connection.

Do you still miss them? The dream could mean wishful thoughts of reconnection. It could also mean coming to terms with the end of that chapter of your life.



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