SHOCKER: Man Demands Back 24-Cow He Paid As Dowry After Discovering His Wife Wasn’t A V!Rgin


This was the contention of the woman who had been taken to court by her former husband, who is now demanding his lobola cattle back after discovering that she allegedly lied that she was a v!rgin.

Swazrtz Manyeva Dlamini, who is a teacher, is demanding 24 cattle from his former wife Ruth Thembisile Sibiya’s family.

Sibiya also denied that she made a verbal warranty that she was a v!rgin. “Prior to our meeting, the plaintiff (Dlamini) fathered two children and as such was also not a v!rgin,” contended Sibiya. She further averred that it was not true that Dlamini did not know that she had slept with another man or that she was already three months preg,nant on their wedding day.


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