Ayuba Azzaman David Drops Bombshell On NNAMDI KANU’s Whereabout, Reveals What God Told Him About Nigeria/Biafra {Must Read}

Niger Delta Group Sends Strong Warning To Nnamdi Kanu
Niger Delta Group Sends Strong Warning To Nnamdi Kanu

So many questions have been asked about the where about of Nnamdi Kanu and so many people have given their own interpretation of where Nnamdi Kanu might likely be.

Some people said he has gone on exile to England via Malaysia. Some said he is dead , some say the government has taken him to an unknown destination and others will tell you we don’t know. I read today in Punch News Paper, The Director Army Public Relations, Brig. Gen. Sani Usman, denying they are aware of where Nnamdi Kanu is.

During my quite time with God, I asked God to tell me his next moves in Nigeria, the world and nations of the world. I also asked God to tell me some hidden and deep secrets about some individuals and Nigeria. I backed my Prayers base on Amos 3:7

Surely the Lord GOD will do nothing, but he revealeth his secret unto his servants the prophets.
Daniel 2:22

He revealeth the deep and secret things: he knoweth what is in the darkness, and the light dwelleth with him.

And Psalm 25:14

The secret of the LORD is with them that fear him; and he will shew them his covenant.
God is faithful to me and anything I asked him he honours it , if it’s according to his will. Yesterday the Lord revealed some secrets to me, I saw Nnamdi Kanu being interrogated and also tortured by Federal Agents, his condition is terrible, I saw them given him a can drink and on the can drink I saw , “Buss Bus” written.

They where telling Nnamdi Kanu to renounce the Biafra struggle and they will allow him to go as they torture him. When I saw him I told myself any man can agree to their terms and promise them he will stop any struggle just for that torture or ordeal to stop.

But to my surprise and amazement Nnamdi Kanu told the Federal Agents, “even if you will bury me in that grave (all of a sudden I saw a grave dug in preparation to bury him if he refuse to renounce the struggle) I will not renounce the Biafra struggle.

What I saw confirmed to me Nnamdi Kanu is a man, he really has a heart of a Lion to go through such torture and still maintain his stance on Biafra. What I saw have confirmed to me Nnamdi Kanu can die for the Biafra struggle and nothing can change him. If before he is softening down on Biafra this brutality on him has created a resilience in him.

“Buss Bus” that word I didn’t forget, but I have never heard that word before. I wondered if that word exist. And I said in my heart, if that word exist it means what I saw is true.

After working in my rabitary I remember the word “Buss Bus” and I said let me check it out and see if something like that exist and I checked the Urban dictionary and to my shock and surprise the 2 words “Buss Bus” does exist and the Urban Dictionary defines ‘buss bus’ as state of being high/drunk out of your mind.

Hmmm immediately I understood what it means, if you remember I said they gave Nnamdi Kanu a can drink with the name Buss Bus and the dictionary defines Buss Bus as a drink that makes you go out of your mind.

Is possible they are recording what Nnamdi Kanu is saying and if he renounces the Biafran struggle due to the influence of that drink or anything to make him go out of his senses, they can use that against him. Even if he denies ever saying he has abandon the struggle.

If you ask me where Nnamdi Kanu is I will tell you he is alive and in the custody of the Federal Government of Nigeria but his life is in danger. The government are calculating the risk in allowing him to go and the risk in killing him, they are in that dilemma right now.

Remember, the story of how MKO Abiola and Abacha died. Remember Femi Fani Kayode’s article T B Joshua.Murder in the Church?

The Military Government then knew as far as Abiola is alive June 12 will never die and that can affect the corporate existence of Nigeria, therefore they developed a solution and today we still have Nigeria.

The APC Government and the Nigerian Establishment now, knows that as far as Nnamdi Kanu is alive Biafra Agitation will never die and that can affect the corporate existence of Nigeria, therefore they need to find a solution and that should be urgently, Nigeria has to remain one if it takes to Kill Nnamdi Kanu.

The scenarios above should give you some clue on what is happening to Nnamdi Kanu. My advice to the Federal Government is they should release Nnamdi Kanu with immediate effect, keeping him and making him pass through torture and such ordeal just to renounce Biafra is not the solution.
God’s focus is on Nigeria, very important country in God’s strategy towards the coming of Jesus Christ. Satan knows that and that’s why the country is still crawling and cannot work after 57 years.

God will destroy corruption in Nigeria, these occult people we have as leaders who have sold this country to the devil will soon become irrelevant and our new leaders will soon emerge not because of money but because of acceptance. Praise God

Azzaman Azzaman


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