Babcock Students Leaked Viral S3x Tape (Watch Full Video Now)

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babcock students leaked viral s3x tape


Looking for Babcock students leaked viral s3x tape of a female student because the knacker refused the recorder from taking his own turn.

Read the full gist and also watch the video below…

Just this morning, we woke up with a trend of a lady and a guy who are students of one of Nigeria’s prestigious private university, Babcock University caught in an extremely int!mate encounter with each other.

Although the face of the male figure there was not revealed, but the lady was revealed and news reaching us is that she goes by the nickname which was given to her as ‘mizkhalifa’.

The trend started with the hashtag #mizkhalifa, where several Nigerians dropped their thoughts on the matter at hand.


One Twitter user asked that “why is it just the lady that is trending” adding that the lady did not have s3x with herself.

Another Twitter user who replied her from a lawyer’s perspective wrote that “you cannot raise a case for a faceless man”.

One of those commenting happened to know the lady involved wrote that she did know her to be that careless, but such is life.

Babcock Students Leaked Viral S3x Tape

There is no news currently from the school on the matter, it could be that it hasn’t reached the board of regent yet.

Subsequently, the University of Lagos joined in the trend as a male and a female student were c@ught having it on the fl00r.

This spurred the attention of many, as the majority have the view that what should be coming out of the educational system should be inventions and innovations and not this kind of disgraceful act.

Meanwhile; A young lady who exposed the infidel!ty side of married man by sharing their after s3x photos, is currently trending online.

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