BREAKING: Step Down Peacefully Now Or We Allow Zimbabweans Attack You In Unfriendly Manner, Army Warns Mugabe

Step Down Peacefully Now Mugabe

Zimbabwe’s army told Robert Mugabe to resign or soldiers will step aside and let him be attacked in his mansion, a senior Zimbabwean figure has disclosed. Christopher Mutsvangwa, chairman of the national war veterans’ association and a former Zanu-PF minister, made this known in an interview with Daily mail.

He said:”The army gave the dictator a message earlier today. Either he steps down or they will let the people in to his mansion to take him. “The army is threatening to unleash the people and let Mugabe be attacked.

The generals said they will not shoot the people for him. Instead, they will abandon their posts and leave him to his fate.” Going further, he said: “At first, the army was holding him prisoner. Now they are protecting him from the people.”

Thousands of Zimbabweans flooded the streets of Harare on Saturday, November 18, waving national flags, singing and dancing in an outpouring of elation at the expected fall of President Robert Mugabe.

“These are tears of joy,” Frank Mutsindikwa, 34, told Reuters, holding aloft the Zimbabwean flag. “I’ve been waiting all my life for this day. Free at last. We are free at last.”

However, despite the march by the people to call on the dictator to resign, Mugabe has refused to step aside and as a result of this, his party is planning to sack him.And anxious to avoid a protracted stalemate,The ZANU-PF leaders were drawing up plans to dismiss Mugabe at the weekend if he refused to quit, a source said.

“There is no going back,” the source told Reuters. “It’s like a match delayed by heavy rain, with the home side leading 90-0 in the 89th minute.” Meanwhile, a party central committee meeting would also dismiss the president’s preferred successor, his wife Grace, from her role as head of the party’s women’s league.


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