Health Tips: See Medical Options For Treating Arthritis In Your Knees And Hips {Must See}

It was found to be an “appropriate” therapy for people with multi-joint OA and co-existing conditions, who have few other treatment options.

Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS). A technique in which a weak electric current is administered through electrodes placed on the skin, TENS is believed to stop messages from pain receptors from reaching the brain.

A recent study found that TENS didn’t relieve pain better than a sham procedure. While it’s uncertain whether TENS can help with knee-only OA, it’s not appropriate for OA in multiple joints.

Knee braces, sleeves, and other devices. One review found knee braces and foot orthoses helpful for reducing pain and joint stiffness and improving function in knee OA, without causing any adverse side effects. The new guidelines recommend using these assistive devices as directed by a specialist.

Canes and crutches. Using a cane may reduce pain and improve function in people with knee OA. However, while it takes the load off the knee, it can add more weight onto other affected joints, such as the hip. There isn’t any evidence that crutches are a good alternative to the cane.


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