Meet 15 Nigerian Celebrities Who Are Practicing Gay And Lesbianism – No 3 Will Shock You

meet 15 nigerian celebrities
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Meet 15 Nigerian Celebrities Who Are Practicing Gay And Lesbianism – No 3 Will Shock You

This time around we profile 15 Nigerian celebrities who are allegedly gay and lesbians, you won’t believe no 5 actually introduce most of them into the act…

Meet 15 Nigerian Celebrities Who Are Practicing Gay And Lesbianism – No 3 Will Shock You

Watch the video below and have your say…

Meanwhile, we present you how to get Canadian Scholarships as a Nigerian Student

Canada is among the top five most educated countries in the world, at some point it occupied the number one position in the ranks.

Meet 15 Nigerian Celebrities Who Are Practicing Gay And Lesbianism – No 3 Will Shock You

In Canada, they have a very steep standard of education and the cost is awfully distant from affordable compared to other developed nations. They are not so frugal when it comes to investing in their educational sector and funding it.

Studying in Canada can be very expensive, well, good things don’t come easy, at least not the real good ones. So getting Canadian scholarships to fund the quality education you are to obtain is very mouthwatering and exciting.

The scholarship and grants there are abundant for those going in for post graduate studies. Relatively, there are just a handful of undergraduate scholarships available to international students in Canada which we’ll be looking at and how to get them. Just continue reading, will you?

Now, before applying for any scholarship not just in Canada but any international scholarship anywhere in the world, you have to be conscious of the eligibility criteria.

Eligibility Criteria For Canadian Scholarships

While requirements vary according to scholarships, these are major qualifications you must possess before applying for Canadian scholarships. Don’t forget, the standard there is above average. Excellent is the word. Here are they are:

Fantastic grades

High TOEFL or IELTS scores

Special achievements and awards of excellence

A student already (some scholarships, very few of them, are only for those who have gained admission in Canada already)

A very good recommendation letter (If you can wade your way up to the Canadian consulate in Nigeria to get one that’s almost perfect)

A 2.1 or first class (For graduates)

You can look up other requirements in the website of the scholarship program you are applying for, but the above mentioned are just about the pertinent things you need to know before applying, most importantly the first one which is your grades, it must be extremely good, whether you are applying for undergraduate or post graduate scholarship. The system there is above par, so you don’t get lost in it with your mediocrity.

Also there are scholarships that are for refugees from war thorned regions, like the terrorist activities in the north east of Nigeria, Syria and Somalia that have displaced many from their homes.

In this category, you’ll have to present a soft or hard copy proof or a recommendation that you are actually displaced alongside your other qualifications not necessarily high grades tho.

How To Apply And Get It

Now that you aware of the requirements to be eligible you can surf the web for list of scholarships for Africans or you simply narrow your search down to the ones that includes Nigerians among the nations that are free to apply in Canada.

Follow all the steps outlined critically, you could use a guide if you need to and ensure to provide accurate information, one wrong detail about you or your qualifications soils the entire process, you’re applying for grants in one of the most sought after nations in the world of education, a more careful approach can not be over emphasized.

Know this; applying on time elevates your chances of being considered, if you are used to the flustered-up-nick-of-time approach to applications, then you might want to have a rethink and change that attitude.

Applying very early within the confines of the time frame affords you plenty of time to complete the entire application process carefully and leaving no stone unturned.

Flaws are bound to be immersed in your application if it’s done like you have a 60secs time bomb ticking up your b.utts.

When applying, don’t be ignorant of the fact that a classy cover letter and a well written application essay are essential ingredients needed to stand you out of the lot.

Hire a professional CV and Cover letter writer if you don’t trust your skills in that English league.

You can start the search for Canadian scholarships now and if questions rear up, we’ll gladly field them.

Meet 15 Nigerian Celebrities Who Are Practicing Gay And Lesbianism – No 3 Will Shock You

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