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Applicants must have demonstrated capacity to achieve their educational goals and have the assertiveness to seek further opportunities to advance their education.

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Duration of Programme:

How to Apply: Application: Applications may be submitted at any time, but must be presented by July 15 every year. Send applications to: Office for International Students and Scholars, 103 International Center. The application consists of 2 parts, a narrative and 2 supporting letters.

Part I: Your narrative should be 3 single-spaced pages or less and should treat the following topics:

1. General description of applicant’s educational goals and the relationship of the proposed activities to those goals, (What you will do and why, where and with whom).

2. Specific purpose of the activities and the benefits likely in the short or long run to the student and the student’s home country.

3. Budget outline detailing expected costs of the activities and other confirmed or prospective funding from university or outside sources to be received by the student during the time period of these activities.

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