Minister Of Transport Rotimi Amaechi Recounts How He Almost Lost His Life Of Buhari {Must Read}

Minister Of Transport Rotimi Amaechi Fed Up With APC Govt., Recounts How He Almost Lost His Life Of Buhari {Must Read}

The minister of transportation, Rotimi Amaechi, said his life was threatened during the 2015 presidential election campaign

He said the ‘power’ that killed Ken Saro Wiwa was also after his life when President Buhari was contesting for presidency in 2015 – He lamented that many lofty programmes and projects he put in place during his tenure as the governor of Rivers state have been reversed by the current government

The minister of transportation, Rotimi Amaechi, who was the director-general of the campaign team of President Muhammadu Buhari in the 2015 presidential elections, said he could have been killed during the fight to install President Buhari.

The Cable reports that Amaechi de-marketed former president Goodluck Jonathan, who was the major threat to the emergence of the All Progressives Congress (APC). The transportation minister reportedly attacked Jonathan in public and private and as the election drew near, generating reports that he would be one of the targets if the APC lost the election.

Amaechi was also involved in different rows with security agencies, particularly the police under Joseph Mbu, a former commissioner of police in Rivers. Speaking on Saturday, February 10, during the inauguration of a pro-APC non-governmental organisation, Free Rivers Development Initiative (FRDI) in Bori, Khana local government area of Rivers, Amaechi said the “machinery of power” which killed Ken Saro-Wiwa was still in force as of the time Buhari sought the highest office in the land.

He said Saro-Wiwa fought for the liberation of Ogoni people, south-south and the Niger Delta because he believed they were oppressed. He said: “Saro-Wiwa was killed by the then machinery of power because of his belief that Ogonis and the Niger Delta should be liberated.”

“I could have been killed by the same machinery of power when we were fighting to install President Muhammadu Buhari because we fought the same power that killed Saro-Wiwa.” Amaechi claimed that some Ogoni indigenes find it difficult to identify with Saro-Wiwa but he identified with him.

“Everybody is now claiming to love Ogoni and knew Ken Saro-Wiwa because of the election,” he said. “If you love Ogoni, bring projects to Ogoni, train their children because as governor, I trained Ogoni children overseas. “I made sure that government paid all the fees because education was one of the issues that Saro-Wiwa died for,” he stated.

Amaechi said when he was governor of Rivers, he planned to turn Bori, a community in Ogoniland, into a big city, and that was why he constructed all the internal roads in the city. He said: “When I became governor, there was no light in Bori and we brought light from Port Harcourt to the city.”

“It was because of poverty I experienced that made me to build primary schools, primary health centres and employed teachers and doctors respectively. “Today, the current government has reversed everything we did including free education and free healthcare care policies.


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