Photos Of Ogadinma Mgbajah The First Female Cardio-Thoracic Surgeon In West Africa


A Nigerian woman identified as Mgbajah Ogadinma has made history after she became the first female cardio-thoracic surgeon in West Africa.

The woman who desired to solve the problems of the heart never realized there had not been a female surgeon in the field when she decided to go down the path.

According to Ogadinma, she only found out that she might become the first female cardio-thoracic surgeon in West Africa after her lecturers and examiners pointed it out during her training programme.

Ogadinma practiced at the Lagos State University Teaching Hospital and she got her degree from the University of Ibadan. In a tweet, the brilliant surgeon expressed that her training to become a cardio-thoracic surgeon took seven years to complete.

She also noted that her job took her to three continents. She wrote: “Very long journey, 7 years plus, three continents! #heartsurgery #first female heart surgeon in West Africa!”

Ogadinma proved that she was a superwoman by conceiving and training all her children during the seven years it took to complete her studies. The brilliant surgeon also talked about why women are not as many as men in the cardio-thoracic field.

She said: “I think the society has a way of conditioning women to think that there are some areas that do not belong to them.

You cannot take away culture from us as Nigerians. We think that there is a limit to what a woman is supposed to do. When you speak to medical students about what they want to do, they start by saying, “well, I’m a woman…”

The fact that she is a woman clouds her judgement. She is her own biggest challenge. A woman needs to know that all you need to do is identify a problem and ask yourself if you have the capacity to solve this problem. If you don’t, can you build the capacity? If yes, then you go for it.”



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