Should Buhari Die, Nigeria Will Boil If North Fails To Get Fresh Two Terms In 2019 – Junaid

In this interview with Punchng reporter, a member of the House of Representatives during the second republic, Dr. Junaid Mohammed, talks about President Muhammadu Buhari’s health, 2019 presidential election and other national issues

Buhari has refused to address Nigerians concerning his state of health. Do you think that he should have done that before travelling out of the country again for medical treatment?

Ideally, I think he should have done so even though there is no law which requires him to do so. It would have been better for him to calm the nerves and the psyche of the nation because of the uncertainty which has bedevilled the country (because of issues surrounding his poor health).

There are a lot of rumours and occasionally, some opportunistic and reckless statements emanate from some characters who are active players in the political circle, including non-politicians.

I wouldn’t want to hold that against him because before he left, there was no indication that he was going to leave in a hurry.

Being a professional in that field (health care), when a patient leaves in a hurry because the doctors handling his case insist that he should leave in a hurry, we must not make an issue out of that.

It is important that he travels to take care of his health. I am glad that for the second time he has left the country to seek medical attention, he has the presence of mind to send the requisite letter to the National Assembly – apart from the hiccup caused by somebody who smuggled in some irresponsible and reckless expression into the letter.

This is somebody close to the President; the person was so lousy to input certain motives into the letter – thank God the constitution and reason prevailed.

As a medical doctor, what do you think is the true state of health of the President? What do you think he is suffering from?

As a medical doctor, I have no right to comment on the issue when he is not my patient. Secondly, whatever I know about his health is privileged information and it will be unethical on my part to discuss specifics in public.


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