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Maid Beater Arrested Woman who lifted her maid up and slammed her to the ground cries, blames the devil after she was arrested

maid beater arrested 


maid beater arrested after she slammed the little girl few days ago? Then search no more as we bring you the latest news on this subject including her arresting and what she’s going through in police custody

The woman who slammed her young domestic help to the ground has been arrested in Enugu state and she blamed the devil for her actions.

Ugwuanyi Kingsley Ugonna Begs Cambodian Immigration – Send Me Home, I Have No Money To Renew My Visa (Photos)

ugwuanyi kingsley ugonna

Ugwuanyi Kingsley Ugonna begs Cambodian Immigration – send me home, I have no money to renew my visa

On Wednesday, September 25, at 10:00 am, 32-year-old Ugwuanyi Kingsley Ugonna went to the Investigation and Procedure Office at the Immigration Department in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, asking for help to ship him again to Nigeria.