Watch Video Car Flies In The Air After Driver Slept Off While Driving


Car flies in the air after driver sleeps off while driving on a highway in Slovakia.

The unnamed driver is said to have had a ‘micro-sleep’ as he drove his BMW, causing him to veer off the road, hit a ramp and hit the roof of a tunnel.

Slovak Police spokesperson David Puchovsky said:

‘Shortly before 5am on Thursday a BMW passenger was involved in a car accident in front of the Börik tunnel in east Slovakia.

‘The 44-year old driver, who comes from the Bardejov city, did not suffer any injuries, maybe only bruises, but not even breaks. ‘An alcohol test had a negative results. It seems he suffered a micro-sleep.’

Police confirmed the man was alone in the car at the time of the crash and was not badly hurt.

There is no report on whether he is expected to face charges. The incredible incident was caught on CCTV cameras outside the Borik tunnel near the town of Poprad at the foot of the High Tatras Mountains in north-eastern Slovakia.

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