Watch X-Rat.ed Videos Thailand P0rn Addict Was Caught Viewing In 4 Different Public Stores

studio 7 branch

One P0rn addict was caught watching x-rated videos at an Apple store yesterday, turns out to be the same man that has been caught in three other stores doing same thing.

In CCTV footage posted on Facebook, the mystery shopper can be seen casually watching clips of a woman mas-tur-bating at a Studio 7 in Buriram province, all while bystanders, including teen girls, walk past and could have easily seen him in action.

Aside from occasionally stroking his hair, he appears decidedly calm and unphased, right up until a male store employee catches a glimpse of his screen and kicks him out of the store.

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The incident happened inside Thawikit Supercenter, a major shopping mall in Buriram.

“He’s a regular here,” a Studio 7 branch manager, who requested anonymity, told Coconuts Bangkok this morning. “I think we see him just about every day.”

As if that’s not enough, in the seven months since the store opened, the guy hasn’t bought a single item — every retail store’s worst nightmare.


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