You And Your Family Will Enjoy This Delicious Recipe Of Chicken Barbecue

You And Your Family Will Enjoy This Delicious Recipe Of Chicken Barbecue

There are so many interesting methods of cooking chicken and making delicious meals for evenings and weekends. The numerous Nigerian recipes involve chicken as the main ingredient.

We want to share a tasty idea on how to make barbecue chicken in Nigeria. It tastes amazing and it can be a perfect addition to your family dinner.BBQ chicken is something that looks festive and tastes extremely good. It takes some time to make it.

Just follow the recipe below and give it a try. You can also add some personal touch to the meal and make it unique and very special. Barbecue chicken ingredients Rooster or chicken legs, wings or other parts (fresh, not frozen) – 8 pieces Barbecue sauce (homemade or from a store)

– 1 small-size bowl Onion (or powder) – to your personal taste Salt – to your personal taste Knorr stock cube – a good-size piece Black pepper (powder is better to use) – to your personal taste Thyme – a teaspoon

Soft chicken are the best to use for BBQ chicken. Making the sauce at home is a time-killer and not worth it. The stores have enough delicious sauces for your goal.

You should also use a shaker for your thyme and stock cube. This way you will be sure that only tiny pieces will be added to your barbecue chicken and not big particles. If the pieces are still huge, you can grind them using something like a dry mill.

Those of you who love onions can cut them into circles. Those who don’t want anything huge on their barbecue chicken can use onion powder as described in this Nigerian recipe. How to cook chicken as BBQ

Step 1. Make sure there are no feathers in chicken legs/other parts. If there are some, remove them. You should wash it before cooking.

Step 2. Find a big bowl and place the chicken inside.

Step 3. Add all the ingredients to your chicken pieces. It is better to use small particles and powder (pepper, onion, salt etc.) instead of big pieces.

Step 4. Now comes the fun part. You should massage the parts of the chicken so that all the seasoning/spices get rubbed into them.

Step 5. Marinate the product. Use the thin aluminium foil. Place it on top of the bowl with all the ingredients and add to the refrigerator. Leave it likes this for about one hour or even overnight (everything depends on your personal taste).

Step 6. You need an oven where you can bake the meal and cook barbecue chicken. Preheat it to 220 degrees Celsius. 7-12 minutes is enough for preheating.

Step 7. Cover the oven tray with baking sheet. Place all the marinated chicken legs on this sheet. Those of you who don’t have it can use the aluminium foil instead.

Step 8. Baking usually takes half an hour. Remember to take an eye on the cooking pieces on the tray and turn them periodically to avoid one-side burning.

Step 9. The cooked barbecue chicken has a brown color.

Step 10. Now with the meal being almost ready, we have one more step. You should cover the chicken legs with a thin layer of barbecue sauce. You cannot do this with your fingers because the meal is too hot, so better use a brush.

Step 11. After the first layer, place it again in the oven. Bake for approximately 3-5 minutes and then add another layer of the sauce. Step 12. Leave the BBQ to dry a bit in the oven.

Step 13. Serve the dinner to your family or friends.

You can surely experiment with seasoning but the BBQ sauce you will find in Nigerian store has a big list of seasoning already. It is a great idea for holiday or family dinner.


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