2 UNILAG Students Spotted Knacck!ng In Public (W@TCH Video)

2 UNILAG Students were caught knackking in public place, see the video as ei dey hot, and can’t imagine the shame.

Hours after video of BABCOCK students making l0ve went viral, another vide0 of two l0vers allegedly students of University of Lagos (UNILAG), Akoka has emerged online.

In a 15 seconds vide0 shared on Twitter by one @iamswallex, the two lovers are seen making love in public (outside the building) where they were captured by some students watching them from the top of the building.

2 UNILAG Students

They were filmed by these students before the two lovers noticed which abruptly ended their love making in the public.

Watch the video below…


Meanwhile; How to Study Nursing in the United States

Nurses have always been in great demand all over the world, but their services are most needed at times of wars, natural disasters, and other humanitarian crises. Medical colleges in the USA provide excellent opportunities to study Nursing at both graduate and postgraduate levels.

In the paragraphs that follow, we shall have a look at the steps a foreign student has to take so as to study nursing in the USA.

1. Choose your School

In order to start studying nursing in USA, you should first choose a university or college where you’d like to enroll.

Currently, the three best nursing schools in the country are the Nursing College with the Johns Hopkins University, the Nursing School of the University of Pennsylvania, and the Nursing College of Duke University.

2 UNILAG Students

Of course, you can choose any other nursing school, depending on where in the USA you’d like to settle for the period of your studies.

2. Select an Accredited Program

Once you’ve selected a nursing school, you should check if the program it provides is fully accredited by the U.S. government’s Student and Exchange Visitor Program (SEVP). Regarding the wide variety of available Nursing programs in the USA, several options appear to be the most popular.

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2 UNILAG Students

Do you envision a rewarding career in Canada? International job seekers with specialized talents and expertise have intriguing opportunities in 2023. Canada, which is renowned for its liberal immigration laws and varied workforce, is constantly looking for qualified individuals from around the globe to fill important positions and support its booming economy. Don’t pass up the opportunity to apply for 2023 Canada Skill Jobs and open up a world of chances if you’re keen to start a revolutionary career adventure in the Great White North.

2 UNILAG Students

Why Canada Skill Jobs Matter:

Canada’s determination to accept qualified workers from a variety of backgrounds has been a key factor in both its economic development and cultural enrichment. The Canada Skill Jobs program demonstrates the country’s commitment to utilizing international talent to satisfy labor market demands and maintain its prosperity. Canada wants to develop a workforce that reflects the nation’s rich and ethnic terrain by placing a heavy emphasis on luring people with particular talents and expertise.

2 UNILAG Students

Opportunities for International Job Seekers:

International job searchers have a road to permanent residency and fulfilling careers in a variety of industries according to the Canada Skill Jobs program. Canada is looking for experts in a variety of industries, including engineering, healthcare, finance, and more.

2 UNILAG Students

You may be able to obtain employment in Canada and contribute to the growth of the nation if you have the necessary skills and expertise in these high-demand industries. Continue reading here

2 UNILAG Students



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