Bishop Uchenna Okonkwor Drops Another Prophetic Warning Message Of God To Pres. Buhari Concerning USA & Iran War (Must Read)

bishop uchenna okonkwor drops another prophetic


Looking for bishop Uchenna Okonkwor drops another prophetic warning message of God to president Buhari?

Then search no more as we bring you all the latest news as regard the prophecy the man of God carries and what it means to the nation at large.

The prophetic revelation I had concerning President Buhari of Nigeria.

Greetings to you all .

This message of God almighty first came to me on the 25th of December 2019, I was mandated by God to tell President Buhari of Nigeria this prophecies.

First God said Buhari has boasted in secrets of his intentions to wipe out Igbo’s by planting soldiers all over the Igbo land and also with the intention to use Biafra peaceful movement to wipe out Igbos because of their intention to pull out from Nigeria.

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God told me that Buhari came to power in Nigeria with the spirit of Adolph Hitler and with a mission of killing the Igbos as Adolph Hitler killed over 6 million Jews.

The Almighty God told me that because he has boasted with some foreign powers that are Islamic in nature that he will raise an internal matters that will crush his Government as from March, 2020.

Bishop Uchenna Okonkwor Drops Another Prophetic

The Buhari led Government will be by then but will exist as if he is no more.

God also revealed to me where Buhari is sitting on a black table and I asked the spirit of God, why is he sitting on the black table?

God told me that his government has been darkened by the angels of heaven.

And either he rules with blindness or with a condition that he cannot be able to perform his official duties.

I began to pray again and to ask God why such a terrible situation.

The spirit of God told me to tell Buhari that he will not let him tolive to fulfill his evil plans against His people, the Igbos and against the body of Christ in Nigeria.

God expressly revealed to me that Buhari has two demonic agendas given tp him from the pit of hell.

The first agenda is to pull down the churches in Nigeria and to stop advancement of the gospel work from the North to all parts of Nigeria in general.

The second agenda is to ipe out Igbos and to close down all gigantic businesses in Nigeria and hotels been owned by the Igbos. God told me he is the African Hitler as Adolph Hitler is of Europe.

The spirit of God also told me to warn Nigeria Vice President, Professor Obasanjo that he will pull him out of the government in a mysterious way because he is an unprofitable servant to the GOD ALMIGHTY.

God also told me that he will personally open up a lot of things .President Buhari has covered under his carpet while he is busy looking for people more innocent than him to probe and prosecute.

God almighty told me that people shall run away in mass out of Nigeria is when he will begin his judgment against President Buhari Of Nigeria.

Bishop Uchenna Okonkwor Drops Another Prophetic

The Almighty Father also told me that Buhari’s war against the igbos is a divine mandate given to him by the heaven for the actualization of Biafra as a nation and for wiping out Buhari and his men as pharaoh ,the king of Egypt was wiped off with his men in the Red sea as they were busy pursuing the sons of God told me to tell Buhari that the blood of Igbos he shed during the Nigeria civil war and those killed in Aba recently via operation python dance is still crying unto him in heavens and he will not wait any longer to take full vengeance on Nigeria for the blood of Igbos massacred in northern Nigeria from 1966 progrom to 1967-1970 civil war.

Bishop Uchenna Okonkwor Drops Another Prophetic

There shall be more deadly terrorist sponsored groups emerging from northern Nigeria with a divine mandate to pursue Buhari out of power .Igbos will not fight Buhari but God said, He will use internal force from his own home and among his people to crush him and his government to pieces.

God bless you for reading . You will surely live to witness the programs unfolding.

Thanks and be highly blessed for reading through this message.


Bishop Uchenna C Okonkwor

3 Comments on Bishop Uchenna Okonkwor Drops Another Prophetic Warning Message Of God To Pres. Buhari Concerning USA & Iran War (Must Read)

  1. Our heart-cry and Ernest desire is to breed a nation of peaceful co-existence, that would assimilate all our multilingual and religious differences, but as it stands, the level of Islamic uprising in Nigeria, given strong hand of operation by the incumbent government, practically demonstrating total disregard for citizens, by not taking any drastic and resultful step against Islamic terrorism…… We stand in doubt of any so called corporate existence as a nation, cos we are already divide and things are falling apart.

  2. Any prophesy from the Almighty God will come to pass. But in Nigeria some prophesies are politically motivated and with bias. Prophesies, no bitter or bad they are, they will come to pass. In the past in Nigeria prophesies had failed. Elijah prophesied that there would be no rain in Israel for three and a half years and it became so. The reigning power at that time wanted to kill Elijah but God protected Elijah and God was sending food to Elijah through a bird.

    As to this prophesy, what all children of God should know is that God hates shedding of blood and ill-treatment. Lord God says “vengeance is mine, and I will avenge” BUT one miracle with God is He forgives sinners. So, if the concerned personalities repent, Lord God will forgive. We should be prayerful to avoid war and more blood shed in Nigeria. God is a listening Father and He will forgive. We should all pray for Nigeria.

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