Asari Dokubo Fires Back 1st At Ahmed Gume On His Recent Comment Against The Igbos

Asari Dokubo Fires Back

Asari Dokubo Fires Back At Ahmed Gume concerning his recent comment against the Igbos, on this trending topic he said, “Igbos were allowed to establish businesses and live in other parts of Nigeria peacefully. However, they deny other tribes from simple owning shops in ALL EASTERN MARKETS!

Yes! I have gone to many eastern markets for ethnic survey. And no single shop is or was allocated to non Igbo. Please if there is one market with non Igbo, please mention” – #Ahmed Gume

Asari Dokubo Fires Back

# Dokubo’s RESPONSE

How many shops do Hausa or Yoruba people own in Cameroon, Ghana, Togo, South Africa, Malawi, Sierra-Leone, Gabon UK, United States, Japan, Singapore, Malaysia, Hong-kong, Thailand, Indonesia, Germany, China, Taiwan, South Korea, India and countless other countries all over the world.

Those are not Igbo areas after all. Perhaps, they deny you shops like the Igbo did in all these countries. Igbos own shops and do business in those countries.

This is exactly how lazy people complain when they fail in business. If you can’t compete on your own land, how are you going to do that in Igboland or neutral ground?

Every Igbo city has a place exclusively mapped out for Hausas free of charge for temporary use (that is the truth they will not tell you). Of course you know, Hausa man has his own pattern of business and shops mostly in form of kiosk where he sold his patty trades and provisions on free given portion of the street.

Another good business they do in the east is money exchange and cattle business which they control in every Igbo city on a free given land; 100% fact. Go to Owerri, Umuahia, Enugu, Awka. Nnewi. Aba etc.

Igbos don’t wait for free land or free portion to be allocated to them, they buy them from indigenes who always have it free by inheritance or by allocation but doesn’t know what to do with them. Only quota system worthless person will wait for allocation before he starts a business.

How many shops do Hausas have in Lagos and other south west states? or do the Yoruba deny them shops too? Can you compare the number of shops and markets owned by Hausas in Yoruba land to the number owned by the Igbos?

Asari Dokubo Fires Back

Igbos rent shops from the landlords. Igbos Buy lands from the host to build shops. Igbos buy land from their host to build markets. Igbos don’t wait for shop or land allocations to start up their businesses.

Asari Dokubo Fires Back

How many markets has the Hausa built in Lagos? None. How many markets has the Yoruba build in the north? None or do the Hausa and the Yoruba deny selling land to one another too, like the Igbos denied them?

Asari Dokubo Fires Back

But Igbo have used their money to buy lands from south west and north and build many markets that helps to develop their regions.

To be honest, not every Igbo traders in south west or north can compete with the traders in the east. The traders in the east are real geniuses in trading. They are wizards in buying and selling more than those Igbo traders in the west and north.

Asari Dokubo Fires Back

You have to first compete with the Igbo traders in your own territory before you think of competing with them in their own territory.

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Business is based on competition, the question is, can you compete? There are shops in Onitsha main market but can you afford to rent it? Even when you do what do you intend to sell to regain your profit?.

Asari Dokubo Fires Back

Is it igbo man that sacrifice to be single till the age of 40 to balance his business achievements before marriage you want to compete with? Igbo man who wear warn out cloths with bathroom slippers to save money for his bussiness? Or the one that maintain just one wife you choose to compete with?….The one that married, how many children do they agreed to born, all are the sacrifices in order to save more for his business.

Asari Dokubo Fires Back

Nobody compete with the fulanis in their cow business or you think they don’t make money in that? Please leave the igbos alone, business is their God given talent.
We are Biafrans!!!.

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