Clash Occur Between Mr Ibu and Regina Daniels | What Ned Nwoko Did Next Will Shock You

clash occur



Looking for how clash occur between Mr Ibu and Regina Daniels recently, Ned Nwoko, Regina’s husband reaction is out of this world

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Nollywood top stars Regina Daniels and Mr Ibu have met one a personal level.

We are damn sure this meeting wasn’t one of those professional ones where they have to keep a particular demeanour per their directors instructions.

Here, they met for a private event so they were in their natural element.

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Mr Ibu is the funny type and Gina is definitely not the boring type but a confused girl.

Gina gives a thumb up, raises her shirt to show her tummy whilst Ibu takes it in good faith and cross his arm around her waist.

Where is Ned Nwoko?

Check out the photo below…

Meanwhile; June 2019 witness a huge tension in Nwoko’s family as Regina Daniels was reportedly in pubic fight with her step son on Instgram

One of Ned Nwoko’s son recognized as Emzy has published a chat between him and Ned’s sixth spouse Regina, where she messaged him regarding a post.

The younger actress finds the stated post offensive and also believe he was referring to her. She took to her DM to converse with Emzy but didn’t get what she bargained for.

After their heated argument Regina step son seems to understand exactly what the actress used to charm his father,

Read his statement here


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