Donation Box: Donate To The Needy Today


Donation box is for a little contribution to putting smiles on the faces of millions of Nigerian and African children suffering today.

Over the years, has been a reliable place most people especially the youths come for scholarship and overseas job updates.

Our team have always strived to keep you updated with the latest schools abroad, their scholarship programs and even high paying job offers around the globe,

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We have seen many children in Nigeria and other African countries go through hardship ranging from malnutrition and lack of quality education with tears in every parent’s eyes.

We finally came up with a support program to reach the poor and the needy especially those in the rural communities who could not access quality education, those who lack food and drinking water,

We are ready to kick off in some Nigerian communities, our team will try to provide food items, scholarships to the children of the poor, Boreholes to some select communities.

But we cannot do this alone our lovely readers, we need your total support, We want everyone reading this message right now to kindly Donate to our Charity today and be blessed!


Donating a cent to this project is extremely simple. Your Donation is completely tax-free

and will make an amazing difference to families in need throughout Africa.

We accept a variety of electronic Donations to benefit numerous charities and families. Choose a category above and donate, is that simple.

Donating a $5, $20, $30 or any amount of Bitcoin, Dogecoin, XRP, BNB, Ethereum, DOT COIN, Cardano will put a smile on the faces of many suffering children in Nigeria, Africa and beyond!




We accept all token and will always appreciate your efforts towards lifting the sufferings of others through this platform,

Once we kickoff, Always expect quality updates including the lives of those touched to be on display right here.


Thank You As You Give Generously To The Glory Of God!!!

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