Jogger Throws Homeless Man’s Belongings Into A Lake – Then People Raise Thousands For Him Within Hours (Watch Video)

Footage shows people trying to stop the runner ditch the man’s stuff as onlookers try to stop him

A jogger in the US has been caught on video throwing a homeless man’s belongings into a lake.

Footage shows the shirtless man rifling through the clothes and possessions as onloookers tried to get him to stop.

The incident took place in Oakland, California and the video has since gone viral with more than a quarter of a million views.

However, the local community have rallied around the homeless man and set up a crowd funding page which has since raised £8,127 ($9,235).

he video was filmed by JJ Harris who said he was “hanging out” by the lake when he saw someone throwing blankets into the water.

He said: “I didn’t know what was going on at first.


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