Many Won’t Admit It But Buhari government Is The Best Ever In Terms Of Sound Economy – Lai Mohammed

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Minister of Information, Lai Mohammed, has declared that President Muhammadu has “passed” in terms of governance rating. He said this at the Month Olives Anglican Church, Tanke, Ilorin in Saturday.

Addressing the congregation, comprising politicians, the Vicar, Rotimi Omotoye, had admonished those in authority to render selfless service to the people and shun unreasonable acquisition of wealth and material things.

He also charged the government of the day to do more in improving security, peaceful co-existence as well as alleviating poverty and improving the living standard of the citizens.

Reacting to the exhortation by the priest, Mohammed said President Buhari was on the right path.

“The pastor said that government should aim at alleviating poverty, improving the lives of the citizens. If these are the yardsticks for good governance, I think we have passed”, NAN quoted him as saying.

“I can make bold to say that government that feeds 8,500,000 pupils everyday is a government that is benefitting the people.

“A government that provides infrastructure such as rail, roads, bridges, power and water is a government that is reaching out to people and touching lives.

“I came out of that service more convinced that this government is on the right path because all our programmes are meant not for a few individuals but for the public.”

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