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Your scholarship search for international students starts here, offers international student with the best study abroad and international student scholarship search online.

Use our media to find college scholarship programs by countries, field of study or university name on this platform.

Programs available for you include the Rotary Scholarships, Postdoctoral Fellowships, Fulbright Scholarship, Merit Scholarships Awards, College Loans/grants and so much more.

these and many other Awards are available to international student including Nigeria and US study abroad students anywhere around the world.

Newsflashngr provides you a free, up-to-date, comprehensive list of scholarships, grants and other awards that are available to all the international students from around the world.

If you are interested in an award you find here, you can then apply directly to the school or organization that offers such award through the links we shall provide you.

scholarship search for international students – We are the best

We do not provide scholarship awards of our own and we also do not accept applications for listed awards either so we say we cannot provide personalized advice or direction to users. No we can’t…

If you stick around with our website, you are going to get awards and other scholarships for study all over the world listed on this great platform.

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Below are some tips on how to get started:

1. Browse our website/Search

When you browse through our website you can actually start your search for scholarships that way.

You can search for awards by their geographical location, subject of study, student origin, or that award name.

When you find an award that interested you in our website, click on award title.

You will then be directed on the dos and the don’ts of that particular scholarship program/awards, so to say you will be properly guided on what to do after reading through, how to apply for that particular award and host institution contact will also be revealed.

2. Register

When you go over to the host institution website, follow their instruction to create your own account if they say you should create or sign up, after that your search for awards begins, haven said that, when you find a particular award you are interested in, you then have access to the information you need to apply- right at your fingertips.

scholarship search for international students – We are the best

In most cases what you need to create an account, is simply an email and a password. You can also save awards that you are interested in and come back to apply for it later!

3. When Applying for Award

After creating your account on host institution website, logged in and decided on an award you would like to apply for, you can view the contact information for the host institution that offers that award, if possible contact that organization directly for more information so you don’t make any mistake; and find out how to apply from them if you are lost

If eligible, you can then apply for the award directly through the host organization…

More Importantly click here to start applying for current Scholarships and awards now!!!

Good Luck in your quest