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The first place to look for information is the Canadian Government’s International Scholarships Page. This online resource allows international students to look up available scholarships in Canada based on their country of origin.

In this case, a Nigerian looking for a study in Canada scholarship will have to go to the page that contains scholarships/awards available to foreign students for study/research in Canada, select your country of origin as “Nigeria”, then review the list of scholarships for which you are eligible to apply.

Provincial & Territorial Scholarships/Awards for International Students

Canadian provinces and territories from time to time develop their own scholarship and award programs for international students, so it is a good idea that a Nigerian undergraduate or graduate student, who is looking for a scholarship to study in Canada, visit the Ministry of Education Website of the province in Canada where they intend to study.

Two popular provincial awards/scholarship for international students are stated below:

British Columbia (BC)

International (or Nigerian) students intending/studying in the province of BC may be eligible for international student funding or special programs. More details here => Scholarships and Special Programs (LearnLiveBC).

Ontario (ON)

Ontario Trillium Scholarships (OTS) Program: The Government of Ontario funds Trillium Awards for international PhD students to study at a university in Ontario. In general, OTS are awarded to new international PhD recipients for a maximum of four years.

Each OTS is valued at $40,000 annually and is automatically renewable for an additional three years provided the recipient maintains good academic standing and continues to meet OTS eligibility requirements. This program is described on the individual Ontario university websites.



Most Canadian colleges and universities will have some sort of funding assistance available to international students in the form of entrance awards or scholarships; and some secondary schools will as well.

Certain Canadian educational institutions and provincial governments may also have in place a reduced tuition rate for students studying in a particular language or in a particular field.

In this case, once the student has decided on an educational institution and program of study, the student will have to search the school’s website (or contacts the school directly) for suitable funding opportunities.

Usually, international students are considered for entrance awards and scholarships at the time of admission, based on their submitted academic results (transcripts) and other application supporting documents.

It is important to note that if you make use of our (i.e. Plumville’s) educational institution placement service for your study in Canada, you have an added advantage as our qualified educational consultants are constantly updated about scholarships for Nigerian undergraduates and graduates, that are available at Canadian educational institutions. Also, we will do a comprehensive search and ensure that we apply for any entrance awards and scholarships that is available at the chosen Canadian educational institution.

Furthermore, a Nigerian student who is hoping to get an entrance award or scholarship at a Canadian educational institution, should apply early to their educational institution of choice, to ensure they are considered for entrance scholarships and awards.

Also, the ‘Fall’ (September) intake will be the best option for such a person, as most Canadian universities mainly consider ‘Fall’ applicants for entrance awards/scholarship.

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