Why I Was Told To Pray For The Death Of My Mother-In-Law – Female Pastor Reveals


The wife of Lawrence Achudume, the founder of Victory Life Bible Church, has revealed how she was told to pray for the death of her mother-in-law.

Rev. Folake Achudume, said a senior friend advised her that the death of her mother-in-law would ensure that her marriage is kept intact.

In a chat with Vanguard, the pastor said she turned down the advice even when other spinsters around persuaded her to go ahead with the prayers.

According to her,

“During our courtship, a senior friend counseled us that we needed to pray, because 75 percent of our married friends were facing challenges because of their mothers-in-law.

“She said we should pray that our mothers-in-law die before we’re married. As young spinster, I was so scared to the extent that the second lady said we should start praying and I was like pray about what?

“That our mothers-in-law should die? So, I asked her, don’t you have a mother? My mother has a son and if his wife prays that her mother-in-law should die, do you know that she’ll be praying that my mother should die?

“Don’t you think that if we too have a son, our son too will married one day and if the lady he wants to marry starts saying the same prayers about us what would happen? I didn’t heed her advice.

“I’d rather pray that our mothers-in-law would accept us. That was the mentality I brought into my marriage. I prayed to God that ‘what I cannot do to my mother help me not to do it to my mother-in-law, what I can give my mother help me to be able to give my mother-in-law’, because I knew if I can handle that aspect of marriage I’ve handle the major challenges.

“My mother-in-law speaks English and we relate very well. Initially, it was awkward, but with time, she was lively and lovely. In fact, we are the best of friends and we confide in each other.

“I always advise spinsters to know their expectations in marriage and be ready to pay the price and they should be averse to the “they want to take my husband away from me” mindset. Once you know that your husband and his mother are close, the best thing is to see her as your mother and best friend so that all of you are close.”

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