You Won’t Believe What Happen To P0rnstar Krissyjoh After Nigerian Police Rescued Him From Thugs Attack (Must See)


Nigerian p0rn star, Krissyjoh Chris, who apparently, is popular in the world of p0rn, has narrated how he was rescued by Nigerian Police after thugs attacked him on his way to the airport.

According to him, he was left with injuries by the thugs, and was taken to the hospital after the attackers, who he feels were sent by someone he trusts and cares for.

He wrote on Facebook; “I Just escaped from some thugs after been brutalized. Thanks to the Nigerian Police Force for their quick response and rescue. This happened on my way to the airport to book flight to Lagos.”

“Only God can battle for me. I think this men were sent by someone I trust and care for. It is well though. Still receiving treatment in the hospital, please pray for my quick recovery.”

According to rumors flying around, they say the thugs were sent by the boyfriend of someone he slept and did a video with.


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