Babysitter Wanted In School – Apply Now

Babysitter Wanted

Babysitter Wanted In School – Apply Now

Babysitter Needed for Pokhariya Secondary School of Biratnagar has been searching for a vacant post in their school. They give the following details about the job and their workplace.

About The Workplace: Pokhariya Secondary School is one of the topmost schools in Biratnagar and was established in 1987 A.D. and is known for the quality education they provide to their students and care they take with their staffs. The school provides the best working environment.

• The school believes in delivering the best knowledge for national development.

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The Position: The school is looking for two babysitters who can look after playgroup to kinder garden level children.

Your salary is negotiable. However, they say that their pay range is 20,000 to 30,000 per person.

• They can offer 5 lakhs life insurance for 10 years.

• They will also provide you festival bonuses and 30 days paid holiday.


• The candidate must be at least +2 passed or equivalent level.

• Should love being with kids.

• Know how to talk, play, and educate kids in their language.

• Should not feel awkward and difficulties in changing their diapers, feeding them, and so on.

• Must know how to speak English and Nepali fluently.

• Must have an attractive personality.

• Must have at least 1 years of experience in similar jobs, but is not mandatory


There are certain responsibilities of the babysitter as described below:

• Take care of all children in the classroom.

• Ensure their hygiene and cleanliness.

• Ensure their safety.

• Ensure a healthy diet. Make sure that no children eat any kind of junk food. Also, no parent sends junk- or fast-foods in their lunch box. Make them aware of their child’s health

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• Feed children and change their dirty diapers.

• Also, the babysitter candidate must teach them about their morality and moral behaviors.

The Location: Our school is based in Biratnagar, Province no. 1. This is a great place to live because, it is the capital, more cash flow, and more opportunities.

The place is also very close to public transportation. Besides, It is very close to the market area. You don’t have to rush and make time for shopping. You can get time after work for shopping in the evening.

Why Should You Apply?

• They pay you the highest for the job in the whole city. You won’t get such a perfect deal anywhere else.

• They are providing you all kinds of insurance which are not given by any educational institution.

• You don’t have to work all day long. Only school hour is your work time.

• You get 30 days paid holiday. This is your time for recreation and joy. Also, this time can be utilized in solving personal and family issues.

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